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Mollie : Bridal

WHEW! April & May this year are making us earn our time in bed… and honestly, it’s kind of awesome. Even when the office days are long and the shooting nights are long and the sleeping time is short, we don’t ever stop being grateful. Every industry… every business has it’s ups & downs, busy & slow seasons. Regardless of which we’re experiencing now, we’re just so beyond thankful that we continue to be able to support our family this way. Even if we might not see the kids for a week at a time, knowing that they are proud of us and inspired to live life on THEIR terms is worth it.

… no, I’m not crying. YOU’RE crying.

Anyway, enough of that. We’ll have Mollie & Matt’s wedding here to show off tomorrow, and it’s beyond time to take a look at Mollie’s bridal portraits. This girl knows exactly who she is, and these photos capture that. A country girl in a dress completely handmade by her mother, with her horses and the land she knows by heart. That’s pretty impossible to beat.


Girlfriend, you are SO fun to shoot! Let’s keep doing it, k?

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