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Sam : Bridal

We have SO much fun on our bridal sessions, and really, it’s because our goal is to make sure that our brides have fun. McG bridal sessions aren’t about achieving a classic portrait of a bride-to-be smiling at the camera, although we always get one of those. It’s about getting to feel incredible in one of the most elaborate & sentimental pieces of clothing she’ll ever wear. It’s about that supermodel moment… feeling confident & gorgeous & worthy of starring in a piece of art. We’ve seen so many brides cry when they receive their final images, recognizing in themselves (occasionally for the first time) her own beauty. There’s a marked difference between healthy pride and the sustained vanity that can cause a woman to look down on another. Knowing we can show our clients what WE see when we look at them… it’s one of the greatest honors we have in our professional lives.

Sam’s session is, and will remain, one of our favorite examples of that phenomenon. She went from a girl who was worried about how her body fit into her gown… who was worried about her hair, her makeup, her ability to “keep up with us”. All that was completely unwarranted, as she absolutely ROCKED her session, and saw herself with brand new eyes when she looked at the final collection. Brand new eyes filled with tears when she recognized herself as the stunning woman her groom always told her she was.

That’s an awful wordy introduction, but hopefully you’ll see why. Here… take a look:

Beautiful girl, it has been an absolute joy to work with you over the last year. Your spirit shines all the way through to the outside, and we’re looking forward to capturing the future milestones in your new life with Adam.

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