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Adam & Sam : Wedding

We spent the last Saturday of May in West with Sam & Adam, along with a couple hundred of their nearest & dearest. We saw just about every weather option the forecast had to throw at us, but everything seemed to be perfect just when it needed to be. We have a special place in our hearts for Sam’s family, which now includes Adam. And having met his family, we can say they’re pretty fantastical, too.

June is a little slow for us before crazy travel starts up in July/August/September. But this wedding was the PERFECT cap to our spring season, and we’re so excited to be able to showcase it here for you now.

Enjoy all the pretty!

McG regulars might recognize our Nikki there on the right… I mean, if you can tell it’s her by the tongue. 😉 Sam is Nikki’s sister, and is flanked on the other side by youngest sister Jillian, and we kiiiiiind of adore all three of these adorable goofballs.

Sam & Adam, you’re one of those couples we don’t even have a second thought about. You’re obviously going to be fine, and have legacies of love on both sides to get you through the hardest times. We hope we still know your precious family when you’re gearing up for that 50th anniversary, because THAT is a party we want to dance at! 🙂

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