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Anna & Jason : Engagement

I’ve been friends with Anna for 14 years. It’s hard to call her Anna… she’s Annie. We’ve been through a LOT of stuff together… grown up as friends, really. You can read some of Annie’s story by clicking here. 

Meeting her Jason was so cool. He’s just seriously wonderful, Mack & I loved him immediately. He has a story similar to hers, and the way they found each other and fell in love is one of those romances that feels like a happy happy movie. The way all of their kids get along… two of his, one of hers, two of her late husband’s that have always been hers… it’s inspiring to see. When Anna posted a picture on FB not too long ago of herself, her son, Jason, his kids, her late husband’s first wife and THEIR kids… I don’t mind saying I teared up. What an amazing family to be a part of.

Ok, ok. Enough sappy stuff. This love story might have some sad beginnings, but the future is so bright. SO BRIGHT. Especially after photographing the start of their forever, we can’t wait to watch it.

Jason, it was wonderful to meet you, and pretty fantastic to be able to say without hesitation “Love you both”. Thank you for taking such good care of my Annie. Now let’s have that patio party.

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