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Brooke & JD : Engagement

We didn’t intend for this engagement session to be fast, but right around the time Brooke & JD changed into their second outfit, the mosquitoes came out in force. It was seriously unlike anything Mack and I have seen, which is a big deal because we’ve been doing this for a while. We were all going to get eaten alive… but the light was SO gorgeous! Since they had driven a few hours to shoot with us, we all decided together that we’d just hustle and go for it. And maaaannnnn, that was a good decision. My bites don’t itch that bad, so if Brooke & JD got that lucky, I’d say we all picked correctly!

We’re shooting this couple’s wedding in October, and just from what we already know, it’s going to be a beautiful day. And with the way these two effortlessly and comfortably love on each other, it sounds like we can make some beautiful images even if we’re rushed again. But fingers crossed for no mosquito clouds in the fall! 🙂

Sharing a few of our faves today… enjoy!

Yeeeeeeeah, y’all are fun. Excited we get to do it again in a couple months.

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