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McG Fall 2017 Mini Session Wrap Up!

Every year, we think, “Man, mini sessions this year were fun.” And every year, we remember that we’ve said that every year. That confusing mouthful is my odd way of saying we ALWAYS enjoy shooting these small sessions with familiar faces and new families. And while I normally would have split up our favorite images from 30+ sessions into a couple blog posts, I just… well, I don’t wanna. It’s a holiday week, and I don’t see anything wrong with one long post full of little snippets of McG mini session collections. So I hope you’ll agree, and that you’ll love what you see.

If you see yourself, or just want to spread word about McG minis, share the blog post! We’re already keeping an advance notice list of people who are anxious to know the dates for the Spring 2018 minis, and there’s room on that list for YOU!


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week, friends. We hope you’re able to soak in time with loved ones, and that your stretchiest pants are available for way too much food!

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