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It’s 2018… for a couple weeks now.

Not only did we fail to post a personal Merry Christmas blog (even though our Christmas card this year was epic), we also didn’t post a Happy New Year blog. AND we haven’t done our “2017 : Year in Review” posts yet.

So… click here to see our hilarious 2017 McG Family Christmas card

and the Wrap Up blog posts are being built as I type! Well… sort of. I only have so many hands.

Basically, I used to be the queen of blogging, but I’m broken and haven’t been keeping up like I should. I won’t solemnly swear to do better in 2018, because that would be setting myself up for failure. But I CAN solemnly swear that I’m going to TRY to do better, and I really really mean it. I miss blogging, and the interaction we had with people through that. The days of dozens of comments on every session we post are gone, in favor of social media sharing, and that’s fine. But it shouldn’t mean I stop posting.

All of that to say, it’s 2018. We’re half booked for weddings, booking portrait sessions like crazy, and planning to one-up ourselves wherever we can. We hope we’ll see you during this sure-to-be-fantastic year.

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