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Annie & Jason : Wedding

Annie & Jason got married in their backyard last weekend, surrounded by their closest family & friends, and most importantly, by all their children. This combining of two families was one of the most supportive, joyful, genuinely EXCITED celebrations we’ve ever seen. Even if I (Chelsea) hadn’t been friends with Annie for 15 years, I would have cried at this wedding. Maybe not cried SO much, making noise, I need a Kleenex because my nose is running off my face-type crying… but tears, for sure.

I could talk for a long long time about this couple. I did, actually, then deleted it all because it was overshare and I was rambling. But suffice it to say, these are special, special people, and it was one of the highest honors of our career to capture these sweet moments for them.

A few favorite snaps of the day…

We love y’all. We love your family, we love your love, and we’re SO happy the universe brought you together.

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