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Cara & James : Engagement

Cara & James are one of those couples that we kind of watched fall in love on social media.

Ok, wait, that sounds creepy.

Cara was a bridesmaid in a wedding we shot years ago, and we’ve kept in touch with her, and when James started showing up in her instagrams, I distinctly remember telling Mack, “Oooooooh, they look so good together. I hope he’s a keeper.”

Fast forward, he is, and we’re shooting their wedding!!

We’ll be shooting the “second half” of their engagement session in a couple weeks, because wicked wild storms blew through Dallas right before we met up with them last week. Seriously, bright & sunshiney traded for dark and windy with seriously intense lightning strikes within minutes. But we weren’t going to give up the moody light and the sexy vibe at the NYLO South Side, and none of us have ever died from getting a little rained on, right? 😉

Plus, I’m pretty sure that once y’all see these, you won’t mind another engagement session blog of these gorgeous people.

Here’s some faves…

Y’all really are just the CUTEST. No one likes calling a game on account of rain, but I’ll admit… not mad that we get to go out and play again before your wedding!

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