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Cara & James : Engagement (Part 2!)

A typical engagement lasts between an hour and an hour and a half. This one lasted a couple weeks.

Ok, not really. But because of a nasty storm that blew in, we DID have to shoot it in two parts. If you didn’t see the blog with our favorite images from the first session, go ahead and click here right now. Seriously. Worth it. Promise.

It was bright blue skies and not completely dreadfully hot when we met up again last week, and again, these two were SO much fun. They’re gorgeous, they’re really and truly smitten with one another, and they are just generally HAPPY. I’m not gonna say that shooting them feels like cheating, but maaaaayyyybe…

Enough from me. Check out a few we super extra loved from this “second half” of Cara & James’ engagement session.

Yup. You both made an excellent choice when you chose each other. The happy really does just radiate off of you!

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