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Meghan & Tyler : Wedding

We waited an extra week to blog Meghan & Tyler’s wedding, because it just seemed dreadfully unfair to post pictures for everyone else to see when their wifi was so spotty in Thailand! Also, maybe I was jealous that they had two weeks in Thailand. But mostly it’s about them deserving to see them when everyone else does!

Mr. & Mrs. Wehner were married at Perkins Chapel, with a reception at the Renaissance Hotel. The day was pulled of seamlessly by Events by Shelbi Rene, with hair & makeup by MegB, and a KILLER dance party produced by Adam Morgan w/ LeForce Entertainment. It was one of the hottest days in July, and even that seemed to kind of fall to the wayside because all the HAPPY just overwhelmed it. Meghan was so chill, Tyler was completely enamored of her, they had SO much fun, and the crew that celebrated with them brought so much positive energy. Although it was a long shoot day for us, it didn’t feel like that. It just felt great, and when your vendors feel like that, you know you’ve had a fantastic wedding day!

Check out some… ok, probably too much to be considered “some”… of our favorite images from this sweet summer wedding. Enjoy!

Quick note… Meghan & her girls from college have a shotgun tradition, and OBVIOUSLY they needed to get a bit of competition in at the wedding. Even the pregnant bridesmaid competed, although obviously with a can full of non-alcoholic fun. And when I tell you the bride won, I mean that LEGITIMATELY, nobody let her win. Homegirl is a beast.

Congratulations again, y’all. You’ve been SO much fun over the last year, and while we’re happy that you got the wedding day you wanted, we’re also kiiiiinda bummed it means we can’t look forward to your wedding anymore. 🙂

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