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Dayton & Cassidy : Engagement

We met Cassidy & Dayton at a bright sunny spot on Possum Kingdom Lake a day AFTER their engagement session was scheduled.

Why? Because it rained buckets on the day we had scheduled, and for seven days leading up to it. Our original location was a swamp. But it wasn’t a swamp up on top of these hills & cliffs around the lake, and the sunshine felt SO good. We had such a blast with this couple… one of those “it took us forever to get in the car afterwards because we kept chatting” situations. Worth it.

We’ll be photographing their wedding in April 2019, which feels closer and closer every time we add something to the calendar. At least all the additions are EXCITING!

Check out just a glimpse of their engagement session…

Cassidy’s a sucker for Mack’s reflection work, and all the puddles still hanging out after the rain worked PERFECTLY. We’re already keeping our fingers & toes crossed for gorgeous spring wedding weather!

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