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Chris & Meredith : Wedding

We were super excited to hear from Meredith about her engagement. Well… to be fair, to hear it from Meredith’s mom.

We photographed the bride’s sister’s wedding in 2012, and you can (should) see those pictures by clicking HERE, so we already knew we loved this family, and it was an honor to hear from them again. Still, we wanted to make sure Meredith really loved our work, and she wasn’t just going with us because we’d photographed her big sister. As it turns out, we needn’t have worried. Meredith was all in for the McG style, and this couple is PERFECT for us!

Meredith & Chris were married last weekend at the Milestone in Aubrey. Besides being a bit muddy in places, the day was as gorgeous a fall wedding as we’ve ever seen, and the pure unadulterated HAPPY of the entire event made it feel even brighter. I’m gonna be honest… I’m a little upset this crew is out of daughters. Two for two on raising AMAZING women!

And hey, Chris… you’re pretty great, too. 😉

Take a look at (more than a few of) our favorite pictures from our most recent wedding, and prepare for them to send you into the rest of this weekend a little happier!

(please note… keep an eye out for a guest appearance by one of our favorite DJs, Adam Morgan with LeForce Entertainment.  It’s one thing to turn over the mic for a sing-along. It’s entirely another to hand it off for a super talented bride to hit every.single.note of Bohemian Rhapsody. Just watch for the air guitar, you’ll see it…)



… shot from inside the getaway car. Can’t help it, I’m a car girl! 😉

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Tomiello. Your complete fixation on one another is beautiful, and we know you’ll have the rest of your lives to keep it up.


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