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Katie & Taylor : Engagement

In a swirl of rain and wind and cold and gray, Katie & Taylor came out to play with us and it was gorgeous. We’ll be photographing this couple’s wedding just a month from now, and having spent an evening laughing together, we’re confident that party is going to be an absolute blast.

Katie is apparently known for being VERY anti-PDA, which is obviously something she had to break out of a bit for a McG engagement session. What can I say? We’re all about the lovin’. And Taylor absolutely ate it up… but why wouldn’t he? He had free reign to snug up on his sweetheart, it would have been crazy to let that opportunity pass! All the way to our very last shot of the night, we had a blast with these two. I’m sure you’ll be able to tell by some of these favorites…

This time when I say we’ll see you soon, I REALLY mean it! And we’re excited for it!

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