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Katie & Taylor : Wedding

The first of our two November weddings was SO COLD. Frigid. The coldest weekend of the year so far. Thank goodness it wasn’t raining (or worse!), but it was windy all day and just really kind of miserable outside. We were super grateful for the fireplaces all around The Brooks at Weatherford!

The thing is, though… you could hardly tell looking at Katie & Taylor. Sure, they were cold. But when they were with each other, it just seemed not to bother them much at all. We take that as a really good sign.

And when a wedding night ends in fireworks, well… there’s just nothing wrong with that.

This blog will give you just a glimpse at Katie & Taylor’s wedding day story, goosebumps & pyrotechnics and everything in between!

Congratulations again, y’all. The wedding planning process can be so overwhelming, and wedding days are such a rush, but you had a gorgeous celebration… and now you’re MARRIED. That’s the most important part. 🙂

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