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Matt, Kylie, & Trent : Celebration

This is the sixth year in a row we’ve photographed Christmas pictures for this family, and that’s just one of our all-time favorite things. I think I’m going to pull a collection of images from several more of these over-and-over families and make a few instagram posts out of it…. and then I’ll likely cry because of how big all these kids have gotten. LEAVE ME AND MY HOLIDAY FEELINGS ALONE.

Anyway, this year, we did something different for Matt, Kylie & Trent. We’ve photographed them all over the place, both in Texas and in Colorado, and I had what I thought was a great idea for 2018. We had them meet us in downtown Mineral Wells, TX. And, like I knew they would, they pulled into the town thinking “ummmm… is she insane?” It only took a couple minutes of walking around for them to see exactly what I meant, and they vowed never to doubt me again. 😉

In years past, I’ve put this family in with the mini session wrap up blog posts each fall, but I thought this year’s new location justified a separate post. I’m thinking we definitely need to shoot around this sleepy old town more often, so if you like the look of it, give us a holler!

See y’all next year! 🙂

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