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McG 2018 Year in Review : Engagements

Engagement sessions are a big deal for us. Sometimes it’s the first chance we get to meet our couples, but nearly¬†every time, it’s our first chance to get them in front of our cameras. It’s the way we learn the difference between their “picture face” and when they’re really smiling. It’s when we learn how their bodies fit together most comfortably. It’s when we figure out what exact kind of bad jokes get a real laugh out of nervous clients. It’s when our clients can get used to who we are, and how we work, and what it feels like to be photographed by us. Getting comfortable in an engagement session makes ALL the difference in the world on a wedding day, and we make it a priority whenever it’s even remotely possible. That way the big day dawns, and with everything else being a whirlwind, our couples know they can trust us to tell them to stand somewhere and look this way and it won’t look stiff or silly. They’ll know we’ve got OUR part covered, so they can just relax. And knowing that we’re a part of a wedding our clients don’t have to worry about is one of our biggest goals.

Also, engagement sessions are just really freakin’ fun. Here’s just a few of our favorite images taken as we got to know our clients this year…

And what’s next? Um, the wedding day. Moments and laughs and tears and weird dance moves and portraits and and and and… it’s our favorite post of the year, and always is. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do… see you tomorrow!

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