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Birthdays & Babies : Grivas Family 2019

We spent a steamy afternoon in a sunken garden photographing the Grivas family for the… I don’t know… the 18th time? 20th? Doesn’t matter. The point is, these lovely people aren’t new to our cameras, and we still have a blast every single time.

We photograph a special session for Miss Marley Kate’s birthday every year, and this year, she’s five! It just seemed natural to combine this annual tradition with a maternity session, celebrating the little brother MK will have joining her shortly.

Megan & Guy really are just some of our very favorite people, and we’re so excited for them, you’d think it was OUR baby.

Actually, no, way more excited than if it was ours. No more babies for us.

Anyway, enjoy some of our favorite images from a lovely evening!

Congratulations again, Grivas Family! Can’t wait to meet Connor!