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Katie & Sam : Engagement

It seems like every year, ONE of our couples gets chosen in the weather anti-lottery. Or rather, the lottery for a terribly frustrating prize. Katie & Sam saw the standard rain curse, and decided to raise that with 30 mph wind gusts… on three different days!!

After that, the universe kind of owed us, so their engagement session was photographed on what we think might have been the nicest day of the year so far. And since we met this couple at a wedding we had a blast shooting, which was itself connected to another wedding we loved shooting, it was no surprise we had so much fun.

Here are just a couple of our favorites!

We won, y’all! And as a bonus, allll your wedding weather worries have now been claimed, and you should sail through the rest of this through perfect breezy skies. At least, that’s our vote.