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A new client this week asked me what I photographed while I was in Southern California, and I responded, “A short family session, and a Pretty Girl session.” And the immediate follow up was, “What’s a Pretty Girl session?” I loveLOVElove getting to answer that question. My boudoir work at Girls on Film is something […]

Nori : Ocean Beach Celebration

So, we don’t mention Girls on Film here on the “regular” blog more than a couple times a year… we just kind of take for granted that people know I (Chelsea) have that other business. But then when a new client says, “OMG, you shoot boudoir?? I had no idea! Where can I see it […]

Amanda : Personal Celebration


I am so excited… just OVER the moon stoked to be able to share this session today. Last week, Mack and I shot something new for us… couples’ boudoir. Now, I’m sure that immediately conjours flashbacks to some images you’ve seen on Awkward Family Photos, and let me assure you, it was NOTHING like that. […]

B&B’s Date Night : Girls on Film Couples Session



Before dawn this morning, the McGs and our friends the Bergs left Tahoe. We brought home with us HILARIOUS stories and new jokes… but most importantly, a TON of pictures. Mostly of Kevin & Nicole, because let’s be honest, that’s why we were there. 😉 We’ve got a personal blog post coming on Wednesday with […]

Leaving Tahoe…

My big Christmas present this year was my “Supermodel Experience” photo shoot with the Boudoir Divas in San Diego! The experience was magical and wonderful and life-affirming and empowering and all sorts of other words that might seem superfluous for a portrait session but are absolutely true. I’ve shared in this blog a couple pictures […]

Merry Christmas to Chelsea!