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Nori : Ocean Beach Celebration

A new client this week asked me what I photographed while I was in Southern California, and I responded, “A short family session, and a Pretty Girl session.” And the immediate follow up was, “What’s a Pretty Girl session?”

I loveLOVElove getting to answer that question.

My boudoir work at Girls on Film is something I believe in fiercely, and I am insanely proud of. But “boudoir”… in the case of my work, taken to mean “showing off more than a normal amount of skin”… isn’t for everyone, or every season. Sometimes my Girls on Film clients show up in gorgeous dresses. Sometimes in their favorite pairs of jeans. Sometimes in a huge tutu. And, of course, sometimes lingerie, or completely naked. And I take all those possibilities and turn them into ways to showcase these incredible women.

So when someone wants the Girls on Film experience, but isn’t in a “get naked” kind of place, we plan a Pretty Girl session. Wear something that makes you feel like a million bucks. Get your makeup done. Throw your head back and laugh in the pretty light.

Because every woman… EVERY GIRL… deserves to feel pretty. And I’ll spend every single day of my life trying to make that happen for every single one that will let me.

Nori, you showed up gorgeous, but you left glowing. I am so glad to have been able to meet you!


Nori’s handsome husband was a really good sport to hop in for a few… there’s just NO good reason not to grab some romantic portraits in this sunset light!


That image is such a representation of Nori’s joyful Gypsy spirit. I adore everything about it!

This is the second year in a row I’ve been able to spend part of my early summer photographing in Southern California. SPOILER ALERT, we want more. Weddings, portraits… you name it, we’ll shoot it out there. So if you’re a SoCal native, or just a travel bug like McG, let’s make some magic happen. 🙂

  1. ann says:

    Wow! Just lovely! So natural and real. Can’t wait for August in FL!!

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