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We had SO much fun planning for Kelly’s bridal session. She’s obsessed with the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells… maybe even more than I am, and that’s a big deal. The inside is off limits no matter who you bribe apparently, but we got to explore around the outside and shoot at sunrise a couple […]

Kelly : Bridal

We photographed Lacy’s bridal portraits a few months back on a beautiful morning at Stillwater Meadow in Aledo, and now that she’s officially Mrs. Sanders, we can show them off! Together with one of the most fun bridesmaids we’ve ever gotten to play with, we worked to keep that dress glowing white, that bride from sweating, […]

Lacy : Bridal


Since this lovely lady became a wife on Sunday, we’re allowed to share some of her gorgeous bridal portraits! It seems crazy now that a day could have been cold & dreary less than two months ago, but it absolutely was. Thank goodness for the Brooks at Weatherford providing some relief from the wind & chill… […]

Roxanne : Bridal



Jenna brought her sweet mama with her to come see us out in the country earlier this spring. We both immediately swooned over her classic dress. MORE SLEEVES IN WEDDING DRESSES, PLEASE! Homegirl absolutely slayed it, and we only stopped photographing her because we ran out of sun. A bit of bonus info… Jenna is […]

Jenna : Bridal

Taylor is just an absolute doll. She’s sweet and kind and adorable, and it’s impossible not to have a great time photographing someone this bubbly & happy. Add to that seriously gorgeous (not too hot) weather for these springtime bridal portraits, and what we’ve got is an album full of loveliness! PRETTY GIRL! We’ve loved […]

Taylor : Bridal


Calli as a bride… y’all, we’re just kind of dying to show off this gorgeous girl’s Mexico wedding to her crazy-handsome groom. You may have already seen some sneak peeks on our Instagram ( And if you haven’t, well, why not? But we’re not quite there yet, so let’s just check out some of Calli’s […]

Calli : Bridal