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This season has been a bit of a blogging fail. Or, rather, I’ve failed at blogging this season. There are lots of excuses I could use, and some of them are even valid, but in general, I can honestly say I’ve just been off my game lately. Luckily, that’s only in the sense of blogging, […]

Fall 2016 McG Minis

We met Adria & Shawn in Sundance Square for their engagement session and sweated our faces off. I shot Adria’s sexy session to give her soon-to-be hubby… and sweated our faces off. We shot the wedding at dawn on a beach in the Dominican Republic. Guess what? SWEAT. And since then, a couple family portraits, a […]

Xander’s Birthday


I usually try to share mini session images as I finish them… a client tells me their favorites, I edit them, I deliver of them, I pick a few of those to blog. But MAN the last couple weeks have just been crazy! I’m still getting choices emailed in from our October minis, and just […]

Fall 2015 McG Minis : Pt. 1



Sweet Huston was SUCH a cuddly baby… in fact, so cuddly that he got seriously bummed out anytime I put him down. Luckily, I am ALL ABOUT the baby snuggles, and in time, with a quiet house and warm blankets and snacks and all my favorite lullabies, he and I were able to work together […]

Huston : Newborn Celebration

I was so excited when I got the call to come meet Miss Bobbie Lynn. I haven’t seen her mama & sister for years, but I love keeping up with them online, and I just knew this new little girl would be just as lovely. Alyssa wanted the session to be less “posey sleepy baby”, […]

Bobbie Lynn : Newborn Celebration


There were a couple newborn sessions I had to pass on this year because the timing of our family vacation, and missing out on those baby snuggles always breaks my heart. But this little princess arrived right on time, and I was able to photograph her on the one day we were home between the […]

Sienna : Newborn Celebration