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Fall 2015 McG Minis : Pt. 1

I usually try to share mini session images as I finish them… a client tells me their favorites, I edit them, I deliver of them, I pick a few of those to blog. But MAN the last couple weeks have just been crazy!

I’m still getting choices emailed in from our October minis, and just starting to get lists from the minis we did out here in the country last weekend. So there will be another couple blogs forthcoming with more family session prettiness.

But I just couldn’t wait any longer to show off some of my favorites that have already been delivered! We may not be “family photographers” by specialization, and I don’t claim that we’re baby-whisperers or child-wizards. But man, we do love these couple days a year when we get to play with kids all day long! Is it too soon to start thinking about ideas for the spring minis?


Ugggghhhhh, it’s a cute kid explosion. Wait… not the explosion of a cute kid. That would be terrible. I mean there’s so many cute kids, it’s like an explosion.
I’m going to stop typing.
We’ve got 5 more families from the October minis to share, and then 12 families from this past weekend out here in the country. Basically, tons of family loveliness, so keep checking! 🙂

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