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We don’t just photograph weddings. That’s no surprise if you follow us on facebook or instagram, or keep up here on the blog. One of the things we love most is getting to see clients over and over again through the years as their families grow & change… it’s such an honor to be the […]

McG 2018 Year in Review : Celebrations

It’s time to share mini sessions! Usually we split the mini session recap into several blog posts, because it gets kind of overwhelming. And, surprise, this blog might be a little overwhelming! With travel, both personal and professional, on top of the general craziness that is life right now, I just kind of failed on […]

McG Mini Sessions : Fall 2018


As we get ready to announce the dates for our Fall 2018 Celebration Mini Sessions, it occurred to me… There are LOTS of non-wedding pretties we haven’t blogged yet! Spoiler alert : We’re building a new website. And between that, and travel, and work for, and the kids being out of school for the […]

Spring 2018 Celebration & Mini Sessions… Part 2!



What are celebration sessions? It’s a catch all term we use for things that aren’t wedding related. OBVIOUSLY wedding things are celebratory, but we’re of the opinion that all of life’s milestones are worth a “hooray”. Anniversary? Babies? Puppies? Holidays & general Happiness? Yup. Celebrate the RIGHT NOW. We’ve photographed several families and babies so […]

Spring 2018 Mini & Celebration Sessions

This has been quite the season for McG alumni bringing home babies, and we’ve loved absolutely every second of it. Ok… *I* have loved every second of it. Mack likes catching up with our clients and manipulating light, but the general quiet snuggly nature of a newborn session isn’t ever going to be his idea […]

McG Babies : Spring 2017 Newborns


The last couple weeks have been all MINIS MINIS MINIS. I mean, we’ve had a few full sessions thrown in there too, but in general, early April was set aside for our family celebration clients. It wore us out and made us happy, got us bit by ants and slightly sunburned, sent us home with […]

Spring 2017 Mini Session Wrap-Up