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We were so excited to finally meet Brandi & Jimmy. This gorgeous bride-to-be has been following our work since 2009, and her initial inquiry to us made me squeal with excitement. She & Jimmy feel like thinner, cooler, more-inked twins of Mack and I, honestly… they’re laid back and hilarious, and we feel like old […]

Brandi & Jimmy : Engagement

I don’t know that we’ve ever had a couple have SO.MUCH.FUN. during their engagement session as Liz & Troy did. These two lovebirds truly know how to live life to the fullest, and enjoy absolutely second they spend together. We already knew, after a fantastic consultation, that we’d have a blast working with this couple. […]

Liz & Troy : Engagement


2015 is starting to fill up, y’all! We are meeting with FIVE 2015 brides this week, and getting lots of engagement sessions on the calendar for the couples we’ve already booked. Tayla & Chris will probably be our first wedding of 2015 with their January event, and we were so excited we had blue skies […]

Tayla & Chris : Engagement



A couple weeks after we’d settled on a plan for Shelley & Matt’s engagement session, I got an email from this lovely bride to be. It simply stated, “I want art. I want you guys to be able to do something amazing, and I want to do whatever it’s going to take for you guys […]

Matt & Shelley : Engagement

Moving across the country as a school-aged child pretty much robs you of the ability to have “life long” friends… I mean, at least it did before cell-phones & Facebook. Most of the important friendships I rely on daily now are relatively new… 3-5 years old. That is, with the exception of this one. 🙂 […]

Tiffany & Michael : Engagement


Mack and I play a little game during wedding receptions sometimes. We point out couples on the dance floor, and place bets on whether or not they’ll be engaged within a year. We’re not ALWAYS right, but our level of accuracy is pretty impressive (if I do say so myself).  When we saw Sierra & […]

Alex & Sierra : Engagements