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Spring weddings always come with the risk of storms… it’s just the nature of Texas weather. But when a bride & groom are firmly focused on what matters most, then even intermittent thunderstorms and moving the ceremony inside won’t dim the shine all over a happy day. Morgan & Lee are a couple we’ve been […]

Lee & Morgan : Wedding

We actually shot Brittny’s bridal portraits back in the spring, which meant we had gorgeous weather, but a looooong wait to be able to show anyone. I know she’s been dying to share with┬áher beloved pretty much since the second we finished, and I’m so glad she finally got to! We’ll be sharing more of […]

Brittny : Bridals


We all know the story… boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy buys ring and has big plans to propose to girl, girl says, “I’ve got breast cancer.” Wait…. WHAT?? That’s not how the story goes!!! Unfortunately, that was real life for Kurt & Carley. Their fairytale took a sideways spin last […]

Carley & Kurt : Wedding



I don’t know that we’ve ever had a couple have SO.MUCH.FUN. during their engagement session as Liz & Troy did. These two lovebirds truly know how to live life to the fullest, and enjoy absolutely second they spend together. We already knew, after a fantastic consultation, that we’d have a blast working with this couple. […]

Liz & Troy : Engagement

As Kaitlyn & Cameron’s wedding ceremony ended, the wind kicked up and some wicked looking clouds began to blow over the top of the McKinney Cotton Mill. Despite high temperatures earlier in the day, it turned out to be a completely gorgeous evening. We’ll pick up just seconds after yesterday’s blog post ended, with the […]

Cameron & Kaitlyn : Wedding Pt. 2


The first wedding back after a break is always stressful to us. Yes, we shot a wedding in the Dominican Republic just a few weeks ago, but that was far from a traditional event… it was the bride & groom alone on the beach at sunrise, and the entire day of coverage took 3 hours. […]

Kaitlyn & Cameron : Wedding Pt. 1