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The rain actually played nice with us when it came to Jessica & Ty’s engagement session not too long ago. Over and over and over, the forecast was dark and dreary and thunderstorm-prone. But just when we needed it most, the perfect kind of sunlight came out, and my gosh… we had such a wonderful […]

Jessica & Ty : Engagement

When we got home from Tuesday’s engagement session, our contractor was packing up to leave our house for the night. He said, “Who’d you shoot tonight?” I replied, “Actually, my high school boyfriend and his fiance!” Our contractor made a face and said, “Oh, WEIRD.” And Mack laughed, immediately saying, “Nope… AWESOME.” Because it was. […]

Chris & Jessica : Engagement


When we got the wedding inquiry from Brittny & Jonathan, it was love at first sight email. From the excited way the bride-to-be spoke about their New Orleans wedding, to the history of their relationship together, and then all the way through margaritas & queso at Blue Mesa talking over details, we just knew they […]

Brittny & Jonathan : Engagement



When Lindy first emailed us, she was kind of in a hurry. She knew her fiance would only be in town for about two weeks, and they wanted to do everything they could to get an engagement session done before the fall foliage was gone… even though they didn’t have a wedding date set yet. […]

Lindy & Devin : Engagement

I’m telling you, this past week has CRAWLED, mostly due to the fact that we’ve been sitting on this engagement session. Do you have any idea how hard it is to shoot something epic that you’re crazy proud of and then have to wait 7 whole days to blog it? I mean, between this engagement […]

Jacob & McKenna : Engagement