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On a beautiful day in December, Jake & Emily officially kicked off their forever at the Big White Barn in Decatur. The entire day was sweet, simple, and the kind of easy-happy that barn weddings are made of. Thanks to Christmas, this blog is a little late in coming, but it’s pretty enough to be […]

Jake & Emily : Wedding

We were super excited to hear from Meredith about her engagement. Well… to be fair, to hear it from Meredith’s mom. We photographed the bride’s sister’s wedding in 2012, and you can (should) see those pictures by clicking HERE,┬áso we already knew we loved this family, and it was an honor to hear from them […]

Chris & Meredith : Wedding


Two weeks ago, AJ & Courtney tied the knot in a breathtakingly beautiful winter celebration at Courtney’s parents’ home. It was just exactly the right kind of cold for a wedding just a few days before Christmas, and the glitz & glam styling brought a very real sparkle to the entire evening. Now that the […]

AJ & Courtney : Wedding



Courtney & Brian were married at Howell Family Farms on a gorgeous day… a gorgeous day sandwiched right in between some truly dreary days. It’s like the sky looked down and said, “Oh no, no gray for these kids. Let’s shine.” And it was SO appreciated! This was an easy simple day, with close friends […]

Courtney & Brian : Wedding

It didn’t rain! That’s a biggie for this one, y’all. It was gonna and it was gonna and it was gonna, and then… it didn’t. The sky was heavy and gray, and everything was muddy, but that doesn’t stop it from being a wonderful answer to LOTS of prayers. The N at Hardway Ranch was […]

Wes & Kellie : Wedding


Vanessa contacted us before she knew when or where she was getting married. She said “Yes!” when Brady asked her… all she knew was that she wanted to marry this man, and wanted us to photograph it. I wholeheartedly approved of this, and we’ve had a blast every single time we’ve seen them since. You […]

Brady & Vanessa : Wedding