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le sigh

Happy April Fool’s Day, interwebs. I am still pregnant.

For those of you who don’t follow us on Facebook, I’ll post a little update:

Dorothy has definitely been getting ready to make her way into the world. On Tuesday, we actually spent some time in the hospital, and had a few nurses convinced that while I wasn’t far enough dilated to be admitted, I’d be back before the end of the shift. Yet, here I sit on Thursday morning, baby still inside. What gives?

Well… a few things. 1) My body is weird. I’m sure that doesn’t shock anyone. My doctor frequently has to couch his statements with, “but this is you we’re talking about”. It’s pretty comical actually.

To that end, we’ve spent this pregnancy operating on the basis of a “due month”, rather than a hard-and fast due date. With conflicting sonogram measurements and conception dates, it’s just been pretty hard to pin down exactly how long Baby Dorothy has been camping out with us.

I’ll say here, I really really love having a doctor that practices minimal intervention and expectant care. He understands that my body knows how to do this, and things will happen like they’re supposed to happen in most cases. He’s vigilant and responsible, but he doesn’t do anything that he doesn’t deem absolutely necessary. For a low-maintenance pregnancy, and especially for the pocket book, this has been ideal for us.

However, now that we’re at the end, I have to say I’d really love having one of those doctors who did routine inductions. That’d be awesome. Really really awesome.

Having a “due month” is really cool if you go into labor at the beginning of the month. But having such a wide window of acceptable delivery dates is kind of annoying once you start thinking that it might be a little longer than you want it to be.

So, let me sum up. It’s April 1, and my labor stalled out on Tuesday night. I’m pretty dadgum miserable, but Dorothy seems to be perfectly content to stay where she is for now. And so we’ll let her, for 14-18 more days even, if we have to. She could be born today, or she may have to be chased out with a cattle prod in a few weeks… there’s just no way to know.

In the meantime, pray! Every pregnant woman I’ve ever known has reached the end of term and been sick and tired of being pregnant. I’ve got that. I’ve also got my self-admitted control freak syndrome, and a severe emotional aversion to anything that involves “wait and see”. This is definitely going to be a very interesting time for our family dynamic!

To reward you sweet sweet people who read through my little Diary of a Mad Pregnant Woman, I reward you with pictures ofย  some cute little details from our baby shower last week, and Dorothy’s nursery .

Our shower was so awesome. Mack and I have an amazing church family, and those ladies combined with friends from ALL the areas of my life did a wonderful job with the shower. It was very “us”. I looked through the pictures again this morning to see if I could post any pictures of me opening gifts and… um… no. Absolutely not. I started swelling a few days before the shower, and I believe I look like a puffy swamp thing. It’s my blog, so I don’t have to post those. ๐Ÿ˜‰



I think the coolest part was the ice cream sundaes! I’m not a cake fan in general, so the hostesses got lots of yummy ice cream toppings and did a sundae bar instead. YUMMO!


And now… Dorothy’s (almost) finished nursery!


As you can see, the drawers to the dresser are full of adorable clothes… but not actually IN the dresser. That’s an easy fix, though!

Below is a picture of a chest of drawers that Mack actually made for me when we were dating, forever ago. When he originally made it, the drawers were magenta. I haven’t had a place to really display it well since we moved into this house, and we decided that it’d be the perfect place for socks and headbands and other cute little things to go in Dorothy’s room! So Mack repainted the drawers the same color yellow as the nursery walls… I’m not sure if it’ll stay up on top of the bookshelf like this, but that’s where it’s landed for now:


And that, my dears, is about all I have to report for now. I’m going to do something I’m not very good at today… I’m going to rest. There are a few episodes of Law & Order saved up on the TiVo, and I have one more box of girl scout cookies left. I suppose if our darling baby girl isn’t in a hurry to come out, then I might as well take the opportunity to rest before she gets here!

Sweet Baby Dorothy –

Please come meet us. We can’t wait to kiss your chubby cheeks. Your room is so beautiful, and you have lots of world to see. I promise, we’re really fun people, and we’re going to take great care of you. So… come out. Now would be awesome.

Love, Mommy

  1. Misty says:

    Aww, c’mon, Swamp Thing, I wanted to see a gleeful opening presents shot!!!
    What a wonderful-looking shower, big kudos to Amber & the other organizers! Yay! LOVE the little chest of drawers, I have an antique very similar to that…it’s not yellow though, but I dig that paint job ๐Ÿ™‚ Dorothy is such a lucky baby! Now if she’d just grace us all with her presence…y’all hang in there, good luck! <3

  2. Meagan says:

    I love this. So sweet. Dorothy’s nursery is beautiful. NO PASTELS! I can’t wait to meet your darling daughter Chelsea! Have that baby already, okay??

  3. Kari says:

    preeeeetty! Those drawers are adorable!

  4. Ambo says:

    Oh I love her room, I just smile seeing the yellow. The drawers turned out sooo well, great job Mack!!!! BTW…you did NOT look like Swamp Thing at the shower, you were/are beautiful!!!!! And I wanna see the pictures sometime : )
    Hang in there and rest up!
    Aunt Ambo is so super excited to meet little Dorothy!!!!

  5. Christian F. says:

    I love the little drawers! I will definitely be showing this to Jimmie ;)! Dorothy is going to love her room, it is absolutely beautiful! I am so happy for you both!

  6. Ivy says:

    CONGRATS!! the nursery is adorable!!

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