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McG in San Diego

Happy Friday, dear ones!

There’s only a few more days to vote in the McGowan Images “Best of 2011” contest, so if you haven’t done that yet, please go HERE to check out that post and get your click on! 🙂 It’s too close to call with three more voting days left… I’m on pins & needles waiting to see who our readers choose as the winner!

Obviously, being out of state last week meant that we weren’t working on shooting new sessions or weddings. This week, we did MORE traveling, this time taking our kiddos to Great Wolf Lodge for a little Christmas family bonding time. But I cross my heart, we’ve got three new engagement sessions coming your way next week before we officially wrap up for the holiday.

Today, I’m going to share a little more about our Southern California travels. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating… San Diego is my favorite city in the world. Whatever time we spend there doesn’t seem like enough. We got to spend most of Tuesday & the first half of Friday just bumming around, and that’s always the best part of vacation. Wednesday was completely swallowed up by my shoot with the amazing Boudoir Divas... you can bet I’ll be sharing the results of that shoot (both here, and at the Girls On Film blog) after the first of the year. And of course, Thursday was spent at Disneyland, which we shared with you on a few days ago.

We didn’t make it a priority to take very many pictures during this lazy time, but we still got some fun ones that I thought were worth sharing. 🙂

Immediately after we got off the plane, we got our car and headed directly to Seaport Village. We had fish tacos with cabbage slaw and lime yogurt sauce (and a margarita, of course). Mack said, “You’re so pretty here,” and I used that logic to try to convince him that we should move.

That car I mentioned? Yeah, Mack did it up proper. He rented a 2012 Camaro Convertible. It was WONDERFUL.

After some time at Coronado, we went and explored Balboa Park. Obviously most of these pictures are iPhone products, but I still love them because I love the area so much. Also, although I strive for realism in most of my professional work, I am ALL ABOUT funky effects when it comes to cell phone pictures. 🙂

This shot was an accident. My phone focused on the beam of light itself, instead of on the tree. It’s one of my favorite shots ever.

Below, you can see the view from our hotel room at the Hilton Bayfront. We got a corner harbor view room, and felt like high-rollers because it was so pretty. 🙂

I don’t remember the name of the restaurant where we ate dinner, but it was on India Street, and it wasn’t our first choice, but traffic was crazy because of construction, so we just found a place with valet and went inside. Also, my husband is SO.Handsome.

Good morning, San Diego!

I took a few “behind the scenes” pictures during my Supermodel Experience with the Boudoir Divas. Have I said how much fun it was? Because goodness gracious, I had such a great time. I’ll save the full review for when I have pictures to share. And don’t worry if you aren’t the boudoir type… I’ll only be sharing some here. The rest will be on our boudoir blog!

I figure our blog readers are probably all Disney’d out because of the huge blog I posted a few days ago, but I can’t not share this cell phone shot of Mack and I riding the tram to Disneyland. Come on… who can resist super excited faces?

Before we flew out on Friday afternoon, we spent some time at Cabrillo, both in the tidepools and then at the National Monument. Such an absolutely beautiful, peaceful place…

That’s Mack’s feet!

Home again home again, jiggity jog. I love traveling with my best friend, and I’m so grateful we have a job that allows us these fabulous opportunity. But most of all, I’m grateful that we’re always excited to come home to our sweet babies… what a blessing it is to love the life that’s waiting for you!


  1. Great story! I’ll be looking forward to seeing your work with the Boudoir Divas, do we really have to wait so long to see it???

  2. Mike says:

    Love me some good Cali McG fun! iPhone photos FTW!

  3. Liesa says:

    Fun pictures! I can’t wait to vacation in California some time! 🙂 It’s long overdue.

  4. Abby says:

    you need to write me an itenterary for when I go here all by myself in a few weeks!!! 🙂

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