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Maggie & Brenton : Wedding Pt. 2

You saw the blog yesterday, right? The fastest first sight in history, and Bride & Groom portraits that are monumentally swoon-worthy?

Because if you didn’t see that, I suggest you run and go do that now. It’s ok, we’ll wait for you.

Oh HI! Welcome back! Thanks for the comment, too. 😉

Maggie & Brenton were married last Saturday at Timarron Country Club in Dallas, and although their bride & groom portraits were photographically the most important part of the day to them, that doesn’t mean our work stopped there. Today, we’re sharing lots and lots and LOTS of beautiful images from this fantastic couple’s ceremony & reception… and heck, why not a few more portraits in the mix, too?

Settle in and enjoy… we hope the internet loves this wedding as much as McG does!

Man & Wife!

I loved the vibrant red & yellow palette for this summer wedding. So fun!

The night kicked off with toasts, both hilarious and heartfelt…

And then, blogstalkers, the dance party started. This was easily the best dance party we’ve been to this year, and maybe even of all time. I couldn’t possibly portray Maggie & Brenton’s big day accurately if I didn’t include lots of dancing images, so I edited with “Starships” on repeat and here we go! 🙂

Brenton’s grandparents brought the house down with their dance to “Walk the Line”. Coolest senior citizens ever!

Maggie & Brenton, you’ve continued to blow us away since the day we first met you. Your wedding energized us for the summer, and reminded us why we love what we do. Every minute we’ve spent working with you has been an absolute joy, and we’re crossing all our fingers & toes that the next time we see you, it’ll be closer to your new home in San Diego. 🙂 Best wishes on your new adventure together!

Blogstalkers, has the multiple-weddings-per-week blog schedule been throwing you off? Don’t worry… tomorrow is Friday, and we have another whole wedding coming your way. 🙂

  1. Liesa says:

    Fantastic as always! Do many great little details to speak of. The daylight silhouette photo really speaks to me this morning. 🙂

  2. megB says:

    Y’all have been killing it with the exit shots lately.

  3. Kevin says:

    Those two kids were adorable…and those were some of the most beautiful ceremony pictures! And it really looks like that was an awesome dance party!

  4. Cassie says:

    Oh my the blue skies again! I love every photo of them. They are just a stunning couple.

  5. Maggie says:

    WohOoo love it!!!

  6. Katybever says:


  7. amy says:

    you guys are the bomb. both blogs about their wedding were phenominal. AND i loved her little details!!

  8. Jenn says:

    Maggie, you were a stunning bride! Love all of the details, and LOVE that bright red bridesmaid dress 🙂 Everything was gorgeous….loving both posts! Congrats!

  9. Abby says:

    That did look like a killer dance party!! These pictures are amazing!! The details are gorgeous and the exit shot is awesome!!Congratulations, Maggie… Miss you pretty lady!

  10. Mike says:

    CONGRATS, Maggie & Brenton!!! Y’all picked some pretty darn AMAZING people to photograph your extremely special day. Chelsea & Mack: you are my inspiration. Of course every shot is fabulous. McG wouldn’t be anything but fabulous. But the way you capture the realness of each moment, especially in the crazy fun of a super cool dance party, is just breathtaking. I wanna be like y’all someday.

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