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Taylor & Kirby : Wedding Pt. 2

If yesterday’s post wasn’t enough for you, we’ll take care of that right now. 🙂

Today, we’re sharing the second half of Taylor & Kirby’s wedding day… their amazingly fun reception at The N at Hard Way Ranch in Bluff Dale. As I said yesterday, this venue has vaulted high on my list of favorites… we’re just itching to work here again!

megBdesigns did a fantastic job planning and designing this event from the ground up, with Woodshed Works Floral and The Wedding Connection in Granbury helping bring her vision to life. Add to that some great tunes from Melody, with Melodies & Memories, and you’ve got a gorgeous party on your hands!

Special thanks once again to our friends Kevin & Nicole at Berg Photography, for covering the cocktail hour while we were shooting portraits, and also grabbing some beautiful detail images for us. You guys are such studs. 🙂

While the wedding party was lining up to be announced, I couldn’t resist grabbing a few more portraits with this awesome truck outside the reception hall. LOVE!

If you’re going to have a barn reception… this is the way to do it. Hammered tin, lots of polished wood, gorgeous florals, chandeliers. YUM.

I just loved that you can see the bride’s adoring parents watching in this next shot…

Checking out the new bling…

I cry at lots of weddings, all the time. Parent dances “get me” pretty frequently. But this mother/son dance just RUINED me. Laura just clearly loves her oldest son so much, and the Dixie Chicks’ “Godspeed” was a perfect dedication to this moment in her little boy’s life.

After the party, but before the honeymoon, we’ve gotta make the marriage official…

GORGEOUS private last dance!

Underwood & Stubbs families, THANK YOU! Thank you for trusting us to help create this gorgeous celebration. Thank you for being friends, and loyal clients. I don’t know what we’d do if there came a year we didn’t have Underwoods to photograph! 🙂

Taylor & Kirby, congratulations. You have chosen the very best way to close out 2012, and oh my goodness, such amazing adventures await you in 2013! We’re so blessed to have been a part of your lives through this exciting time, and we look forward to capturing your other special moments as a growing family. We love you ALL!

  1. megB says:

    I couldn’t be prouder of the way this turned out! So grateful you guys – and the Bergs – were there to capture it all.

  2. Sarah says:

    Wow! Stunning pictures! Love this venue and all the decor! Great job McG and MegB!

  3. Christian says:

    Most of these brought me to tears!! I have the most beautiful parents, holy cow!! and the third photo of Kirby and Taylor is just stunning!! You really captured the love between them 🙂 and seriously!!!! the detail shots are kind of my favorite too! They are all amazing!! (including my silly guy dancing for the camera 😉 Everyone looked so beautiful!! Thank you McG and Meg B!! AND all of the people that helped make it an amazing day for Taylor Jo!

  4. Julie Underwood (Proud Momma) says:

    BEAUTIFUL!! I can’t think of words Spectacular enough to describe the gratitude and excitement we all feel when we log on to see your pictures..:)!! They are so pretty and the ones from the reception really captured the moments perfectly!! I loved all the dedications made to each other with the love songs and the way everyone couldn’t stay in their seats and wanted to shack their booties!! I love seeing our Taylor’s Sweet Beautiful face in all the pictures with her Handsome man..And our Christian’s smile and Beauty with her hair blowing as she is dancing the night away with our Fun Lovin’ Logan…and our Gorgeous Emi with Austin is Beautiful and priceless…..And you captured my dad having such a good time dancing the night away…and I LOVE that!! And…..My Wonderful Bonus dad gave the Most BeauTIFUL..Meaningful ceremony that melted my heart…Thank you for the Great moments you captured of him. And of course my Handsome Joe Henry…Wowza….He’s his daddy made over..Thank you for all of the GreaT pictures…and especially Thank you for capturing me and my Sweet Joe. Dancing with my Handsome man and watching him laugh and shake his stuff was right up their with seeing my girl marry the man of her dreams!!!! I felt the love of twenty Six years with my BesT friend on that dance floor and you captured it….Thank you!! I love you Chelsea and Mack………:)

  5. abby says:

    This is gorgeous! I love the barn details… The lighting is perfect and the centerpieces are such a wonderful bright eye-catcher! This may be one of my new favorite weddings! They are meant for each other 🙂 Great job McG!

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