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Happy 50th Birthday, Daddy!

Happy 50th Birthday, Daddy!

I’m going to talk about you now, and show old pictures. You’ve been warned. 🙂

The older I get, the more I realize how rare it is to have such incredible parents. My father is truly one of my dearest friends, one of my biggest supporters. I got my critical ear for music from him (even though my mom’s taste for bubble gum pop of all decades evened me out some), and my hair (well, the natural color anyway), and my sense of humor. Yeah, definitely the sense of humor.

It’s hard to believe my Daddy is 50, even though he’s still younger than the parents of most of my friends. 50 just seems like such an adult age, and really, although my father is a successful small-business owner who is obviously an adult, it’s still hard to think of him as really being a grownup. When I look at pictures from my childhood I realize that maybe it’s because we look like we were kids at the same time!

Aw, aren’t we cute??

Happy Birthday, Daddy! I hope your 50th year is fantastic, and that you keep living your life in such a way that makes people call you a liar when they find out your age. 🙂 I love you to pieces.

  1. Roger says:

    I love you too. Thanks for helping me stay “young”.

  2. Jackie Moss says:

    Not to be super creepy or anything, but your dad is SUPER cute! And you are totally right about the whole looking like a kid when you were little thing. Happy 50th Dad!!

  3. Mike says:

    Happy birthday, Chelsea’s Daddy! You raised an amazing, talented young lady. I’m so proud to call her my friend. I hope you have an fantastic celebration and relaxation day. Btdubbs – flashback photos are so wonderful. I love this post.

  4. Kevin says:

    Love the bubbles picture! Happy 50th!

  5. Will says:

    It’s hard to beat horn rim glasses, levis, and a plaid shirt. Is he on ‘New Girl.’ Glad you’re the same lovable hipster that your daddy seems to be. Thanks for making more excited about having a little girl!

  6. abby says:

    you are both truly blessed to have each other… love all the oldies!!

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