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Kevin & Nicole : Anniversary Celebration in Tahoe

We had a really incredible portrait session scheduled for Kevin & Nicole’s anniversary session this year in Dallas, just like every year since January 2010. And hey, that awesome idea we had might just happen for their 4th anniversary session next year! But the fact is, once we started talking about the possibility of doing a destination session for this travel-obsessed couple’s third anniversary, nothing else would do!

The plan was set, and we flew to Tahoe last weekend for a few days of photographing, relaxing, and having a general blast. We really can’t wrap our minds around the fact that these amazing people, talented photographers in their own right, keep coming back and investing in us year after year. They’ve seen us grow by leaps & bounds since our first session together, and now, well, they’re stuck with us. 🙂

We shot this portrait session in two locations : first, around the house in South Lake Tahoe where we stayed, and second, at Sand Harbor about a half hour up the road. There’s so much GORGEOUS scenery around Lake Tahoe… we’re crossing all our fingers & toes for a wedding there someday, or really, just any excuse to go back!

Kevin kept joking that he wasn’t good looking enough to be photographed with his smokin’ hot wife. And while he’s right that his wife is a total babe, we happen to think they’re a gorgeous couple together. And hands down, my favorite thing about them is how easy they laugh.

Yep. Gorgeous.

This was our first time shooting in snow this deep. It was seriously treacherous not to know when you were about to sink in up to your knee!

This next shot might be my favorite image Mack shot all day…

These crazy kids just can’t stop makin’ out!

You’re gorgeous, you’re hilarious, you’re fun, and we love you to pieces. You’re one of the greatest gifts this business has given us, and we can’t wait for the next adventure!

  1. Nicole says:

    SO MUCH AWESOMENESS!!! You guys just continue to give us epic portraits! Not only are you rock star photographers but also amazing people! Thank you for continuing to give us these memories!

  2. megB says:

    There’s just SO MUCH PRETTY! Ohhhhh, I’m so jealous of this trip, and these photos! Next time, we’re coming!

  3. Kevin says:

    EPIC!!!!!!! I just LOVE EVER SINGLE picture!!! We had so much fun on this trip, and the fact that we got AMAZING pictures too is icing on the cake! You guys are awesome! Thank you!

  4. Amber K says:

    OMG! Yall just poured a big batch of McG AWESOME-SAUCE all over that!!

  5. Mallory Ray says:

    How beautiful! Love looking at the wonderful photos you both take!! Maybe one day I can get some of my own!

  6. Jordyn Pitts says:

    These are amazing! Very surreal….beautiful couple and beautiful scenery!

  7. Abby says:

    These are wonderful!! Nicole- you are gorgeous!!! Kevin- you’re pretty hadsome, too!!! I love the snow falling shots and the last three!! awesome job, McG!!!

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