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Casey & Devin : Engagement

We met up with Casey & Devin last week, just as the sun was peeking out over the horizon. I’m the first to admit that I am NOT a morning person, and every time I’m on my way to a sunrise session, I ask Mack, “Ugh, what were we thinking?!? It’s TOO EARLY!” And then, of course, we get ready to shoot, and I fall in love with the light all over again. There’s just something about that time of day, with the dew on the grass and the light filtering down through the trees… it’s beyond gorgeous, and always worth the early alarm! 🙂

Casey & Devin are getting married next summer at the OW Ranch in Granbury, and we know just from the little bit of time we’ve spent with them so far, it’s going to be a great day. When a couple is this comfortable together, laid-back with their priorities completely in order, there’s just no way it’s not going to be a fun event!

Enjoy a few of our favorites from their engagement session!

LORDY, just look at that sun. So gorgeous.

This next shot might be my favorite from the session. That blue sky is just perfect!

UGH, you guys are just adorable. Thank you so much for choosing us to document this time in your lives… I know it seems like July is forever away, but I promise, the time between now & then is going to FLY!

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