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Something to warm you up…

It was a hard day.
Those happen, I know. They happen to everyone. And while I’m grateful for you even when the skies are blue & the birds are chirping & everything in life is hunky-dory, I’m especially grateful for you on hard days.

You kissed my forehead and brought me a cough drop and my favorite blanket, and said you’d bring me something to warm me up.

Your homemade cider gets better every time you make it, and your hugs are the absolute best thing for warming up my spirit on a chilly day.

I’m so blessed to get to do life with you.

Blogstalkers, it’s high time we shared this yummy recipe with you! I posted on FB about a month ago and asked if anyone had recipes for “adult” apple ciders that they loved, and got so many great suggestions… then realized that I didn’t have the stuff to make much of it at home. So, super chef to the rescue! Using what we had on hand, Mack whipped up a batch of Tennessee HoneyCrisp Fried Apple Cider, and he’s been perfecting the recipe ever since. We’ve got it about perfect now, and I’d feel completely selfish if I didn’t make sure YOUR family could enjoy it this holiday season, too! Enjoy this recipe, in his own words:

Please note… it’s super yummy without the booze, too. My parents & kids both thoroughly enjoyed the whiskey-less version, although to be honest, I think they’re missing out. 😉

Mack’s Disclaimer: This is different literally every time I make it. This is the version I wrote down last time I made a big batch, but I’ve made smaller batches too, just roughly downsizing everything. You’re not going to offend me by altering this recipe and posting your findings in the comments 😉

2 Medium Honeycrisp Apples, finely diced (1/8″ cubes, about 2 cups)
1/2 Stick Butter
1/2 C Brown Sugar
2T Ground Cinnamon
Splash of spiced rum
3 qts Honeycrisp Apple Juice
1 qt Regular Apple Juice
2 C Orange Juice
3-4 Cinnamon Sticks

Brown the apples in the butter with cinnamon and brown sugar– you’re essentially making fried apples here. Resist the urge to eat them before they make it in the cider. Actually, just go ahead and make twice as many, because they’re freaking delicious and obviously the best part of this whole recipe. Just don’t overcook them– you want them to have some texture in your cider. When they’re nearly done and the sauce is thickening, I like to splash in a little spiced rum to loosen everything up and add a bit of flavor. Don’t worry, kids… the alcohol will cook out.

Drop that mixture in a pot with all your juices and the cinnamon sticks, and bring it nearly to a boil on low heat. You don’t need to actually get a rolling boil going here, you’re just after the temperature to get the flavors to muddle. When you’re ready to serve, fish out the cinnamon sticks as best as you can (you might end up with a twig or two in the bottom of your pot… People will survive) and serve with a shot or two of Tennessee Honey or Red Hot Whiskey per mug.

I’m still working on finishing up the next wedding post to share here on Friday, but since tomorrow is Halloween & all, I think we can probably come up with something to post here on the blog… 😉 You’ll just have to come back to see!

  1. Kylie says:

    Um, Red Hot Whiskey is Matt’s new favorite. Must. Try!

  2. Toi says:

    This sounds really yummy. If it’s cold on mentoring day, maybe we can have a little apple cider. I’m a light-weight though so I would have to leave off the shot of whiskey. 🙂

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