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Kristen & Lucas : Wedding

Kristen & Lucas were married last Friday the 13th in Fort Worth. Despite typical wedding day hiccups, and even not-so-typical hiccups like a limo tire blowout, Kristen remained SO joyful all day long. I don’t think we ever saw her without a smile on her face, and that smile only got bigger when she got to see her groom. Lucas looked super dashing in his dress blues, too. 🙂

This was one of those wonderful weddings that just made us HAPPY. This couple deserves all of the most wonderful things in life, and we were so glad we got to help them kick off that life together with the wedding of their dreams.

We were joined at this event once again by our buddy Nikki, who captured some amazing stuff for us… particularly when the schedule went sour and we had to split up in order to shoot detail images. Thanks a million, Nik!

Enjoy a few of our favorites from this Christmasy wonderful wedding!


This beautiful necklace was given to Kristen’s Mom by her Dad on their wedding day… such a precious legacy!


The setting sun was turning the clouds cotton candy colors when Lucas arrived for the First Sight…


Time for that long walk down the aisle at Christ Chapel!


Mr. & Mrs. Robinson!


The YWCA in downtown Fort Worth was gorgeous in it’s Christmas finery… Kristen chose a perfect design scheme to celebrate the season (and her favorite color, RED) without veering into kitschy territory.


A do-it-yourself S’more’s station!!


Our favorite part of the night, though, was the time we spent with Kristen & Lucas in Sundance Square. This awesome couple spent their first date drinking coffee next to the Sundance Christmas Tree, so it was a no-brainer to take their last few Bride & Groom portraits there as well. The lights, the music… it was a holiday wonderland. And Kristen & Lucas were the star of the show, with people stopping to cheer and wish them congratulations. So much happy!!


Merry First Married Christmas, you two! You were a complete joy to work with from start-to-finish, and we couldn’t be happier about what we were able to create with you. Your wedding day is just the start of an awesome adventure together!!

  1. Mad says:

    Kristen, you are beautiful!! Chelsea hit the nail on the head when she called you Snow White. Love your hair, the red lips, and the fur stole! Congratulations 🙂

  2. kristen says:

    We absolutely love them! I’m so excited that y’all were able to take our picutures which absolutely helped make it the most special day. I will be able to cherish the memories from this day for a lifetime. Thank y’all!!!!

  3. stephanie says:

    Wow, so much happy says it perfectly. Kristen’s joy jumps off of every image and as usual the McGs captured it all. LOVE the pic in front of the tree, one of my all-time favorites.

  4. kendall says:

    Besides what everyone else has said about this whole blog being gorgeous, can we just point out that Kristen has pretty much the prettiest smile in the history of the world? Gah, her face just gives me the happies!

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