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Matt & Sophie : Wedding Pt. 1

Happy Monday, friends! As you may have noticed, last week’s excursion to snowy New York put us slightly off our normal wedding blogging schedule. But that doesn’t mean we were just going to blow right past Sophie & Matt’s wedding posts! Oh no, too much prettiness for that. Today & tomorrow, we’ll be showing off all our favorite images from this fantastic couple’s big day!

I remember first hearing about Matt when Sophie mentioned him at her big sister’s bridal session. She said she was completely positive this was “the real thing”, and was hoping she’d be calling us soon for her own celebration. Every time she spoke about her sweetheart, her adorable face just absolutely SPARKLED. And when we met Matt, it was easy to see why… he loves her just as effusively! This is a couple that I can’t see being anything but together, for the rest of their lives. They’re absolutely perfect and precious and wonderful, and it was a joy to work with them!

We photographed the first half of this wedding day at White’s Chapel in Southlake, a church that has helped turn Sophie into the woman she is today. The place meant so much to her… I was glad the weather cooperated for us to capture some of the beautiful church grounds as well as the sanctuary!McGowanImages_Matt&Sophie_WeddingBlog1_01McGowanImages_Matt&Sophie_WeddingBlog1_02McGowanImages_Matt&Sophie_WeddingBlog1_03McGowanImages_Matt&Sophie_WeddingBlog1_04McGowanImages_Matt&Sophie_WeddingBlog1_05McGowanImages_Matt&Sophie_WeddingBlog1_06McGowanImages_Matt&Sophie_WeddingBlog1_07

I always love photographing in the buzz of the bridal suite as all the girls get ready… it’s such a happy energy!


Such a sweet First Sight… even the cold wind didn’t distract them from how excited they were to see one another!


Such a fantastic wedding party!!


With just a few minutes to spare before the ceremony started, I asked Sophie if she’d be willing to climb up on the ledge in front of this gorgeous stained glass in the balcony…. and I think, at first, she thought I was joking. 😉 Needless to say, we ALL agree it was totally worth it!




Mr. & Mrs. Purke!McGowanImages_Matt&Sophie_WeddingBlog1_58McGowanImages_Matt&Sophie_WeddingBlog1_59Congratulations, you crazy kids! Be sure to come back tomorrow to see more images from this gorgeous day, particularly their beautiful reception at Delaney Vineyards. 🙂

  1. Sophie Purke says:

    OH MY GOOOODNESS!!! I am SPEECHLESS with tears down my face! This warms my heart in the best way possible. I am absolutely speechless these pictures are BREATH TAKING. Y’all are miracle workers, and the most talented photographers around. It means the world to me that y’all captured such genuine pictures of such a special day in our lives and at such a special place for me. Love y’all so much. I am DYING to see more!!!

  2. Guys, these are just beautiful! I am proud to call y’all colleagues & friends. Y’all do such an amazing job capturing brides’ emotions!

  3. Claudia Lasiter says:

    So glad I’m getting to see these, since we weren’t there. 🙁 But these pictures are wonderful! What a beautiful wedding to match two beautiful people. Looks like they’re off to a GREAT start.

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