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McG Spring Minis : Pt. 2

When we came back from our lunch break in the middle of last Sunday’s mini-session marathon, the weather had completely changed. “Kind of cold” had changed to “arctic gusts”, and sunny skies had disappeared. Still, we had a few clients that wanted to go for it, and we’re not quitters! 🙂

This group of cuties was celebrating their last day as a family of three. That’s right, the baby in Adrienne’s belly made his triumphant entry into the world YESTERDAY! We were so glad we got to capture these sweet moments for them, and we’re looking forward to meeting the newest edition hopefully this fall.


Kendall & Al were our last session of the day, and although we’ve been photographing them for three years now, I happen to think this is the best they’ve ever looked. “Happily married” just looks great on them, doesn’t it??


Keep all your fingers & toes crossed for us, blogstalkers… we’re really hoping Sunday’s weather is nice enough to photograph the TEN families we’ve got lined up for another shot at mini sessions!

  1. Kendall says:

    *SQUEAL* I love you guys. Like for real. Between you two and Meagan, I seriously could not have been blessed with more talented artists in my life. You make me feel like a million bucks and then some, and you captured all the happy! And the last one…Just thinking about what led to it gives me the giggles 😀

  2. Toi says:

    Kendall, I love your orange-striped dress! It really stands out, and I like Al’s checked blue shirt. Your pictures are so pretty. I’m thankful our session was so early in the morning before it got arctic though. I’m just a little jealous you got Meagan to do your makeup. 🙂 The first family was so cute! Their daughter with her big eyes and curly blonde hair is gorgeous! Congrats on the new baby added to the family.

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