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McG Spring Minis : Part 6


This season’s mini sessions were the craziest we’ve ever had. Rain and cold weather in March kept us from shooting them all on two days like we’d planned, so it was just last week that we finally photographed the last of our original clients. It was totally worth the wait… the weather has just kept getting prettier & prettier!

Today, we’re sharing a few favorite images from our last 6 Spring 2014 mini sessions. We’ll be offering full family sessions during the summer, and hosting another mini session event this fall. Stay up-to-date with the McG Facebook page for an announcement of that date… spots go FAST!

We’ll start with Mari & Nathan, and their delicious little nugget of awesome, Ascher. We love this family, and are so honored that they make the long trek from West Texas every year to shoot with us!


These two gave me my workout for the morning! They were kind and courteous, but just wanted to run… and ya know, I can’t blame them! That’s what spring makes me feel like, too! Luckily, we were able to bribe them long enough to get some sweet photos for their patient parents. 🙂


We’re not dog whisperers by any means, but we DO love when people bring their fur babies to sessions. It seems like our pets relax us, and make us feel more at home… we love the feeling of this family’s images!


We met Karyn at a wedding last year, and were so excited she followed through on her “threat” to book a mini session! Her kids were so much fun, and despite all their protests of awkwardness, I think they look pretty fab in front of the camera!


Vanja is another of the photographers who booked a McG mini session this year! We’ve known her online for a long time, so it was strange to just now be meeting in person for the first time! We had beautiful light for her session with husband Adis and pup Bruno, which made narrowing down our “blog faves” even harder than usual.


Our last family fought a stomach bug and crazy high school schedules to make their session happen… and they WON! This was such a completely fun bunch, right down to the rambunctious twins. We’re (not-so)secretly hoping they become mini session regulars!


And that’s a wrap! Thank you so much, ALL the families over SIX mini session blogs, for putting up with temperamental weather and prioritizing your time with McG. We love these bi-annual mini session events, and we’re already thinking up something awesome for the fall event!

  1. Monica says:

    I love them all but I am so in love with the picture of Vanja and Bruno, it’s just so… Idk there is just something about a girl and her dog….

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