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Danna & Joey : Engagement

One of my first questions to a new McG bride is always “how did you hear about us?” It’s often from a friend… word of mouth is McGowan Images’ biggest ally! We love when our brides (and bridesmaids, and groomsmen, and second cousins) tell their newly-engaged buddies about us. That kind of love keeps our world turnin’!

That said, sometimes our brides find us just through the miracle of internet searching! When Danna was looking up her wedding venue, trying to envision her decor, she found our blog post of Nikki & Forrest’s wedding, and fell in love with the way we portrayed that beautiful (even if it was frozy cold) winter event. Just a couple days later, we were signing contracts and getting all set up to shoot Danna & Joey’s engagement session at the Texas coast!

This set of locations was the perfect happy medium for me. The surroundings have deep personal meaning for the couple, but the bride & groom also left the specifics completely open, so that Mack and I were able to take in everything around us and choose spots that had gorgeous light & color. It’s that kind of partnership that’s really my favorite thing about working with our couples… they bring a lot to the party, but then they trust us to just “do what we do”.

I think you’ll agree, this set turned out pretty incredibly because of all that working together. 🙂



This next one… swoon. This image seriously gives me the FEELS.


You two are just BEYOND precious, and we’re so excited to celebrate with you in May. We know it’s going to be a fantabulous time!!

  1. Danna Troppy says:

    I’m slightly at a loss for words. I was so nervous about the weather not being perfect and you put me at ease. You both completely captured everything we had in mind and more! We absolutely loved working with ya’ll!!! I’m even more excited about our wedding now!!

  2. Erica says:

    I am in love!! The colors you captured are stunning!

  3. Elaine Touchstone says:

    Pictures are so sweet and just perfect. Can’t wait for May. Excited for these two.

  4. Melaini says:

    What beautiful pictures of two very sweet and beautiful people. Love every single one. So can’t wait to celebrate with Danna and Joey in May.

    Your talent is just amazing!!!

  5. Carol Taylor says:

    What amazing and beautiful pictures to share for a lifetime. Every picture was just stunning! You definitely have a gift in capturing the right moment. Congratulations to the gorgeous couple!

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