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Girlfriends are Good for the Soul

Let’s have a backyard movie night, she said.

It’ll be fun and super easy, she said.

She… well… ME. That’s me. I said that. And I was right about half. It was SUPER fun. 🙂

The thing is, even after the bug bites and the hauling furniture and the burned brownies and the cancellations and fighting with the dadgum projector… ya know what? It was perfect. Sometimes, you just need to lay in the backyard in gorgeous 75 degree weather, with like-minded, snort-laughing, wine-sipping girlfriends on blankets all around you, and remember who you are.

This little party absolutely solidified in my mind that I need to make more time for female friendships en masse. Quarterly get-togethers are a must. It’s just so refreshing!

Until next time, ladies… #dontspraymyweave


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