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Morgan Mill Football 2014

This year, Jack is in 6th grade, which means something new to us as parents: Junior High Football. Morgan Mill is a small school, so most of the time we play 6-man games. In fact, one game we had scheduled for 11-man, we had to actually cancel because we had two or three players injured (who bounced back with the help of the attorneys for auto accident injuries at the right time) and couldn’t field a proper team! For emergencies, you can depend on Washington personal injury lawyers for immediate help. We were so proud of the effort Jack put in to improving in a new sport, and we really loved watching him grow and progress! These photos are from several different games, as I’m sure you’ll notice… Watch for number 35 in the purple jersey and number 71 in white–almost always in pink socks!MMJH-Football-2014-01

Jack was IMMEDIATELY good at following the ball… We had a bit of a learning curve at the beginning of the season, because… well… Jack’s nice. He was genuinely worried about hurting someone if he hit them!MMJH-Football-2014-02MMJH-Football-2014-03MMJH-Football-2014-04MMJH-Football-2014-05MMJH-Football-2014-06

Somewhere around week three, though, he figured something out…MMJH-Football-2014-07


I can’t believe how big this kid is! High School is right around the corner! (but don’t tell Chelsea!)

  1. Aunt Ambo says:

    Blows my mind how fast this kiddo has grown up! Happy to have been there along the way and get to see the amazing young man he is becoming.

  2. Ann says:

    Said it before….sayin again… Thanks so much for sharing your family. I feel almost as attached and invested as if I knew them in person. Cannot believe how much Jack has changed over the last couple of years. You can definately see the man he is becoming in this set. Awesome!

  3. Grom says:

    Mack, these are great. May I have copies on a disk so I can put them on my
    Streamer? Thanks bunches.

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