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Levi & Nolan : Newborn Celebration

The first portrait sessions we shot in 2015 were of brand new lives… I like that. I like the symbolism of it, the hope & the happiness. And what’s more, we’ve got SEVEN other newborns already scheduled for the spring. Basically, McG brides & grooms are having enough babies to take over the world, and we kind of love it. We can’t WAIT to see them all!

Both of this week’s sessions were shot in our clients’ homes, and were above all, SIMPLE. These little boys have been born into families that adore them, so they already have what it takes to look the world bravely in the face. They were both perfectly sleepy during their portrait debuts, and that led to some super sweet images!

First up, meet Mr. Levi! We became e-friends with his parents years ago, and got to hang out when they won a free McG portrait session in 2013. (It’s still one of our faves… go see it!! ) Their son was pretty much the best New Year’s Day present anyone could ever receive, and his precious little man comb-over melted our hearts. Here are a few faves from his session…


You’ll notice I ended each of these newborn sessions with a “family bed” set. Why? Because I love it, that’s why. I SO wish I had pictures of Mack and I curled up with Jack and Dorothy in the family bed when Dorothy was little. Whether you co-sleep or not, some seriously wonderful bonding happens in the “big bed”, and whenever my clients are game, I love to include some natural, relaxed family time in these newborn sessions.

Of course, when there’s an older sibling, “relaxed” might not always be the right word. 😉 You’ll see what I mean at the end of Nolan’s newborn session, but let’s start out with some squishy sleepy photos.

Oh, and another note? This one may be too young for many preferences, but he knows one thing he doesn’t like… NAKED. No naked, never. He would have been happy for me to just photograph a big fluffy blanket, with an arrow that said, “there’s a baby in here somewhere”! But I sweet-talked him into showing off his adorable face after a while. 😉


BIG YAWN! uggggh I just love this one.


This next photo though… it’s the winner as far as I’m concerned. This is real life when a 3 year old feels like everyone’s paying attention to the new baby. It’s hard on a big brother!


But don’t worry, Owen… your parents still love you just the same, and you get to spend the rest of your life with a little brother who thinks you’re a superhero!!


Kait & Cam, Erica & Jeremy… thank you for bringing us into your homes. Thank you for trusting us with the chaos that is life with a newborn. We were so honored to be able to capture a memory of this time for BOTH your precious families!


  1. Kaitlyn says:

    Do I even need to tell you I cried?? You know I did. Words can not express the amount of gratitude I have for you two. We are the ones who are honored to have YOU capturing some of the best moments in our lives from engagement to completing our little family. Having done this once before, I know that these days of tiny toes and big sleepy yawns are fleeting and you just helped me bottle them up to perfection! McG wins again!!!

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