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Brock & Casin : Newborn Celebrations

More sweet babies!!

Last Monday was a busy day, as we drove all over the metroplex to meet these two precious boys, and then rushed back home to the country just in time for a bridal session. WHEW! Totally worth it, though… we’ll sleep later, right? 😉

We started the day with Brock, and while he was possibly the most bright-eyed 4 day old I’ve ever seen, he was an absolute doll. He was awake for most of our shoot, but perfectly content to lay wherever I put him. And GOODNESS, he’s a handsome boy!


SO adorable, yes??

Mr. Casin across town was also wide awake, just not quite as happy about it. Well, I take that bad… he was perfectly thrilled with life as long as he had someone’s finger in his mouth.

Luckily, I’m more stubborn than him, and we wore him out after a while. Oh darn, baby snuggles. I just HATE having to do that. 😉


I think there’s only one more newborn on my spring schedule, and that’s kind of heartbreaking!! Gimme some for the summer & fall!!!

  1. Casey says:

    I love them! My little chunky monkey Casin! Glad he cooperated a little toward the end! Either way, we enjoyed getting to chat with you guys while he was calming down/whittling your finger down to a toothpick!

  2. Halley says:

    OMG!!! Absolutely precious!! Can’t wait for Chris and I to get married so we can start our family and have you there to capture the memories!!

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