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Brittny & Jonny : Day After

We originally planned to do a sunrise Bride & Groom session after Brittny & Jonny’s New Orleans wedding, but last-minute decided to do an evening session with a little more of that busy French Quarter energy. This is SO “them” to an absolute T!

Oh man… now I maybe need a date night portrait session in my favorite big city….

Anyway, while I try to convince Mack that we need that, you should check out some standouts from this little night out in NOLA!


The clouds broke just in time, so we were able to grab cocktails & appetizers while we waited for the sky to darken. So when Jonny suggested after-drinks cigars, well, THAT just had to happen.


Thank you for walking all over the place, for standing still in traffic, for being so patient when random drunk people photobombed us, for being hilarious and real and wonderful. McG Loves MarsAttax!

  1. Jonathan says:

    Loving every single photo so much. Cannot believe I’m even in photos this amazing. Thank you so much!

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