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Jennifer & Jordan : Celebration

When Jordan contacted us to schedule a portrait session in celebration of his 5 year wedding anniversary, I spit out my coffee.

Let me explain.

  1. How has it been 5 years?? You & Jennifer were just in our house talking about getting married in the Bahamas, and BAM, there’s all these kids and it’s been 5 years. That’s so weird.
  2. Aren’t you the guy who hates pictures?? Man, in the course of 5 years, you went and decided we’re not so bad after all. 😉

Mack and I love everything about this. We love that we’ve been photographing Jennifer & Jordan for so long. We love that the husband who initially cringed about pictures will schedule the anniversary session HIMSELF. We love that their children know us. And we love that they still think we’re funny enough that we can get big genuine laughs out of them during sessions, and thoroughly convey just how HAPPY these two are.

We started with the kids for just a minute, before getting down to the romance. These kids aren’t the “sit still and smile” type, but they are the FUN type.

McGowanImages_Jenn&JordanAnniversary_01McGowanImages_Jenn&JordanAnniversary_02McGowanImages_Jenn&JordanAnniversary_03McGowanImages_Jenn&JordanAnniversary_04McGowanImages_Jenn&JordanAnniversary_05McGowanImages_Jenn&JordanAnniversary_06McGowanImages_Jenn&JordanAnniversary_07McGowanImages_Jenn&JordanAnniversary_08McGowanImages_Jenn&JordanAnniversary_09McGowanImages_Jenn&JordanAnniversary_10McGowanImages_Jenn&JordanAnniversary_11McGowanImages_Jenn&JordanAnniversary_12McGowanImages_Jenn&JordanAnniversary_13McGowanImages_Jenn&JordanAnniversary_14McGowanImages_Jenn&JordanAnniversary_15McGowanImages_Jenn&JordanAnniversary_16McGowanImages_Jenn&JordanAnniversary_17McGowanImages_Jenn&JordanAnniversary_18McGowanImages_Jenn&JordanAnniversary_19Happy anniversary, you guys. Thank you so much for letting us watch you grow together.


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