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McG Behind the Scenes : Second Half of 2015

Have I mentioned that we love these posts? Oh yeah. I have. Like, twice a year, when we post them. Oops.

But really, we do. The outtakes and prep moments from our work help take us back to what it felt like to create those images. Something can look totally badass and be completely silly feeling behind the scenes. The most intense romance can be a super awkward set-up right outside the frame. And, of course, Mack and I find it impossible to make flattering faces when we’re light or pose testing for one another. 😉

So, while we’re wrapping up our year in the office and picking images for the “Best of 2015” posts we’ll start sharing after the first of the year, it seems like a great time to show off a few of the funniest images that you DIDN’T see this year!

There’s usually a distinct “first half” and “second half” to our years… but 2015 was different. This year we had a “first” and “second” half of the year, as well as this delicious little chunk in the middle that was just ours. When we got back from a long vacation with our kiddos, we hopped on a plane and went straight into shooting in Florida, then had a week or so to rest up before we hit it again with sessions and a wedding in St. Louis!

It was SO hot in Missouri, but we still loved every second of that trip. And really, I can’t think of a better way to start this blog post than with one of my favorite BTS shots of the year… that one time when our gorgeous bride Jess (and still baking baby girl Koty) decided Mack needed to be WAY more involved in the dance floor!

McG BehindTheScenes CarrellDanceParty




This next picture doesn’t seem like it’s “Behind the Scenes”, but it was… this little field mouse ran across the top of my foot while I was photographing table decor in the reception barn for our St. Louis wedding. I know a lot of people would have flipped out, but I was just mad I couldn’t snap a picture until he was halfway under the table!


What? This sort of positioning isn’t normal in every job?


Sometimes a “just barely” photobomb is as good as the full monty. I delivered a version of this image without Mack’s arm, but maybe I prefer this one?


Of all the things Mack loves about me, I’m CERTAIN these faces I make are his favorite.


Our wedding in New Orleans was really powerful for us. It kick started our season, it set us free creatively, and every time we entered or exited the elevator, we got this message of inspiration:


EVERY time we shoot in New Orleans, we make new friends. Sometimes, people just really really want to be a part of what we’re doing!


Speaking of making new friends… we’re making new work, as well. We are sincerely STOKED to have time to work on a new website now, so we can start showing off more of the portrait sessions we’ve done in the last 6 months. I started “Girls on Film” as a very new artist… it’s about time the business grew up the same way we have. 🙂


This bride & groom actually put “Selfie with McG” on their formal portrait list. YES PLEASE!


I would never ask a bride to do something I wouldn’t do myself… which meant balancing on this ledge above traffic in downtown Fort Worth while Mack got lights set, and acting like I was TOTALLY fine with it.


Maybe our favorite part of mini session marathons is making friends with new kids. Maybe Mack’s better than me. Maybe it bothers me a lot and I pout… whatever.


Can’t forget our Nikki. We’re going to have to send someone to her 2016 McG weddings with a cell phone just to get us some “Behind the Scenes” images of her rocking it on her own! I loved being able to get this shot of her risking a major soak to get “the shot” at an engagement session a few months ago.


In general, I kind of have the same “look” behind the camera… a power stance, and a big goofy smile.


Mack, though? He’s the contortionist of the two of us. Man, I love what he sees, though!


The thing is, it’s work. Our brains are rushing the whole time, we’re watching the time and tracking the light and checking off mental lists AND trying to be personable. But even on the days when all those things start to get jumbled, we at least get to do it together. And when I’m stressed out, I get to take a minute and breathe while we’re demonstrating a pose, and look right at my best friend, and then… all of a sudden, it’s easy again.

Looking forward to another year of making it up as we go.

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    Ah! I love Val’s face! She doesn’t look terribly impressed!

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