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… and a Happy New Year!

Does this year seem to have FLOWN by for anyone else?

It’s been both a wonderful year, and also a super-dee-duper hard year for us. But it’s not healthy to take the bad juju with us into 2016, so we’re starting over fresh. Buh-bye, 2015. It’s time to make 2016 amazing.

Since I slacked on blogging through our Christmas break, I figured I ought to share our “Christmas card” photo… pssst, spoiler alert… we didn’t get Christmas cards sent this year. Ooops. Planning on it for 2016, but we’ll see how that goes. 😉


Well, at least, that’s the Christmas card we WOULD have sent. Silent Night indeed, amiright?

But we also got a lovely family photo on Christmas Eve… eventually…



Oh yes… this one’s much better. 🙂


Happy NewThanksgivingMas, everyone. As Dorothy says whenever she’s ready to go (for some unknown reason)… “Let’s kick this pig.”

  1. Ann says:

    Dang! I would SOOOOO keep that card for the rest of my life. LOVE IT!! Genius!!!!!!

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